Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SEC. 73. Distribution of Dividends or Assets by Corporations

SEC. 73.  Distribution of Dividends or Assets by Corporations

(A) Definition of Dividends. - The term 'dividends' when used in this Title means any distribution made by a corporation to its shareholders out of its earnings or profits and payable to its shareholders, whether in money or in other property.
Where a corporation distributes all of its assets in complete liquidation or dissolution, the gain realized or loss sustained by the stockholder, whether individual or corporate, is a taxable income or a deductible loss, as the case may be.
(B) Stock Dividend. - A stock dividend representing the transfer of surplus to capital account shall not be subject to tax. However, if a corporation cancels or redeems stock issued as a dividend at such time and in such manner as to make the distribution and cancellation or redemption, in whole or in part, essentially equivalent to the distribution of a taxable dividend, the amount so distributed in redemption or cancellation of the stock shall be considered as taxable income to the extent that it represents a distribution of earnings or profits.
(C) Dividends Distributed are Deemed Made from Most Recently Accumulated Profits. - Any distribution made to the shareholders or members of a corporation shall be deemed to have been made from the most recently accumulated profits or surplus, and shall constitute a part of the annual income of the distributee for the year in which received.
(D) Net Income of a Partnership Deemed Constructively Received by Partners- The taxable income declared by a partnership for a taxable year which is subject to tax under Section 27 (A) of this Code, after deducting the corporate income tax imposed therein, shall be deemed to have been actually or constructively received by the partners in the same taxable year and shall be taxed to them in their individual capacity, whether actually distributed or not.

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